Footurama's recommended items from Brightspot Market #8 by Michael Killian
Product Focus : Recommended Items
from Brightspot Market #8

On June 7th 2012, the 8th edition of Brightspot Market has started. Taking place at Gandaria City's large function hall on the third floor, the event is much better than the last one, for example, Air Conditioning. Another good thing, Brightspot Market #8 seems to be a heavenly place for Menswear. Local menswear and footwear brands are releasing their newest products to make sure that their consumers are in good hands. Like Old Blue Co. with their 1944 Repro, Zevin with their new colorways, and Jan/Sober with their new selections of pattern shirts.


Anyhoo, we at Footurama has gathered some interesting items that we think our readers should check out. The goods are Pocket tee from Sifr Essentials, Baseball Cap from Cool Caps, Course Jacket from Elhaus, White Shirt from NordhenBasic, a unique Bluesville Marutama, and Short Sleeve Shirt plus Selvage Denim from Pot Meets Pop and PMP Overalls


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The Brightspot Market #8's gate are still open until tomorrow, Sunday, June 10th 2012. So get your ass over there and check out these menswear brands below!


Alter Cotton / Amble / Aye Denim / Bluesville / Brodo / Coolcaps / Daniel Wellington / Elhaus / Fbudi / Havehad / Inksomnia / Jan/Sober / JanSport / Mischief Denim / Monstore / Nordhen Basic / Obey / Old Blue / Pot Meets Pop / Santalum / Satcas / Seba / Sifr / Sixteen D'Scale / Skelly / Soleplay / Standard Denim Supply Co. / The Cufflink Store / The Goods Dept / Thrunk / Tosavica / Txture / Universo / Voyej / WorkDone&Co / Zevin

Posted by: c.ibrahim, June 9, 2012