RESDER - Spring / Summer 2013 Collection Lookbook
Interview with RESDER
On their Spring / Summer 2013 Collection

You may have seen the brand on several online magazines, and apparently, we really like the Spring / Summer 2013 Lookbook which happens to feature our good friend, Jan (We love you, Jan). Anyway, we got a little time to have a short interview with the designer herself, Ms. Resi Deriana. The interview is focusing on her most recent collection that we think is really different and unique. The S/S '13 Collection was inspired by Jakarta's street culture, Endangered Species, Extreme Sports and Traffic issues. 


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Tell us a little about yourself, and your brand, RESDER. How did the idea and concept come about? How much do you think the brand reflection of yourself?


Hello, I'm Resi Deriana. I just graduated recently, and RESDER brand was only my last fashion project in ESMOD. The focus on the idea is to experiment in prints in street style fashion. Well, basically my last project was all about combining everything that  i like; Prints, The 90's, Patch, and Street Culture.



Your recent lookbook was featured on several online magazines like fuckingyoung, hypebest, 84/85 and the readers seemed to quite enjoyed it. You kinda put Indonesia back on the map. How do you feel about this?


Well, i don't intend to put Indonesia back on the map, it's all coincidence. Basically i was just curious. At first, my intend was to put my friend, Jan, face on the web. But it got all over the places and it is what happened. 



Haha, We do love Jan. He's great! your S/S 2013 Collection was inspired by Jakarta's street culture, Indonesian endangered species, Extreme sports and Traffic issues. What it's all about? Tell us the story behind it.


The story is about 5 characters of endangered species who ride other vehicles other than personal cars to avoid Jakarta's jammed traffic. They are Komodo (Skateboard), Sumatran Tiger (Running), Orangutan (Bus), One horned Rhino (Rollerblade), and Bawean Deer (Bicycle).



We love your mix uses of patterns. You develop your own?


As i said before, i really like developing prints, and i think that's what i'm going to focus on for the future.



In your opinion, what is the trickiest part when it comes to menswear products?


The trickiest part is Finishing.



If you can choose anyone or any brand in the world right now, who would you want to collaborate with?


Agi & Sam. Period.



What's your take on our local fashion scene nowadays? good? bad?


Uhhh, actually i'm not that familiar or following the development of local brands because my college took all my times away.



You listens to music right? tell us your favorite artist / musician


Usually i don't remember who sings what. But recently i'm listening to my friend, Ezra's playlist cause i'm kinda stuck with her most of the time. 



Any last word(s)?






Talent Jan K

Location Potato Head HQ

Posted by: c.ibrahim, July 25, 2012