(capsule) New York - S/S 2013
Event Report : (capsule) New York
Spring / Summer 2013

Since the #menswear trend is very high right now, we think it's good to keep a good attention to these trade market shows like Bread & Butter Berlin, MAN, and off course, (capsule). Well, recently our good friends from Otoko has just got back from New York for (capsule) Spring / Summer 2013. Otoko is the up-and-coming menswear retail venture that is greatly anticipated by people right now, especially by they who lives in Jakarta. They are opening their door pretty soon and it seems that they are very serious about bringing only the best brands to their store. Here their buyer's report from (capsule) below :



Monday and Tuesday 23-24th of July 2012 marked the return of (capsule) Menswear Show to New York City. In its new location on Manhattan's lower east side, (capsule) had plenty of space for all of the attending menswear brands to setup and display their upcoming S/S 2013 Collections. 


(capsule) is the fashion and lifestyle trade event that fuses the best high-end contemporary brands, directional independent designers and super premium street wear labels, presenting a highly-edited assemblage of collections from around the world. Amongst all other trade shows, (capsule) delivers the perfect dose of progressive style and borrows inspiration from today's mash-up culture. Constantly seen across all (capsule) s/s 2013 participants is a premium level of ideas, overall aesthetic, styling fit, design and brand messaging. 


Key highlights of the show are Mark McNairy booth, with Mr. McNasty himself guarding the booth for the whole show, making it the most crowded footwear booth. Another lovable display is from Yuketen, with the staff wearing bright printed t-shirts from Monitaly and leather aprons. Apparel brands such as Norse Projects, Raf Simons x Fred Perry and Vanishing Elephant is also a hit with buyers. There are also significant amount of lifestyle brands to complete a man's life, such as the sap brand, Juniper Ridge and Shwood Sunglasses.



While we are all waiting patiently for the opening of the store, make sure you check out their online account at for their blog posts!




Otoko. will be having a preview at our event, Footurama Swapmeet, later this month. Make sure you keep up to date and check out and our social medias on daily basis for more information. 

Posted by: c.ibrahim, August 3, 2012