Footurama Swapmeet - Photo by c.ibrahim
Event Report : Footurama Swapmeet
September 9th 2012 at W_SPACE

5 Years. It's been 5 years. Time flies, the last Footurama Swapmeet was held in 2007. Couple of months ago, our founding fathers came up with the idea of bringing back Swapmeet, and we got very excited ever since. Looking for new products are always good, we know it, but sometimes, hunting vintage and pre-owned products also has its delight and enjoyment. And that is what Footurama Swapmeet is bringing. This event was held last sunday, on September 9th from 11am to 11pm and filled with lots of vintage goods. It was a great opportunity to meet and trade ideas with our local's creative minds and also with some of the most passionate sneakerheads in town.


With around 20 stalls inside W_SPACE, there are kicks from nike (including limited SBs), new balance, adidas, alive, vans, reebok, generic surplus, and lots of heat sneakers in crazy prices (for example, a pair of nike blazer Supreme sold at $200), and stuffs ranging from shirts, tees, caps, jeans, boots and jackets from brands like stussy, visvim, engineered garments, red wing & supreme, all in steal prices. (another example, a chino pants from visvim sold for $60). The Swapmeet were also marked the release of our New Footurama T-Shirt which was sold out at the event, and Camouflage 2-way Tote Bag from our collaboration with one of jakarta-based brand, Sober


This recent Footurama Swapmeet were supported by our beloved brothers & sisters at Whiteboard Journal, and also supported by our good friends at Indonesia Sneaker Team, Soleplay, Tuff Stuff, Capital, Urbain, Pot Meets Pop Family, Bluesville, Maine St., Lighthouse, Toidiholic, Bootleg Rugged, Elhaus, MAD, Otoko., and also by the ninjas from Isle of Seeds and Asia Afrika Soundsystem


So, shall we have another episode of Footurama Swapmeet? ;)

Posted by: c.ibrahim, September 14, 2012