Style Guide Vol. 11
Style Guide Vol. 11
Footurama Stuff Selection

It's been a while since we posted the Footurama Style Guide. Lots of people asking for another series and today, we are bringing the eleventh edition of Footurama Style Guide. We like to invite people from our surroundings that we consider has a unique taste of style, and it's always good to see several items that they like at the moment. Previously, we have brought people behind Darahkubiru & WhatNot Studio, and now we would like to invite one of the man behind Jakarta's well known store, [ORBIS]. He is none other than Adhika Adji Dharma, or better known as Dhika. 


He's studying abroad right now, but off course, he still got time to share what's on his mind to us here. He cleverly mixed some street label items like Supreme with some higher end stuff like from Thom Browne. It's all about balance. He also chose japanese brand, Sassafras, for the pant that being held strong by a deadstock swedish army belt. What a combo. In addition, he also picked some of our favorite brands like Nanamica, Visvim, Kapital and Master-piece. Neat!


Well, here's the complete list of stuffs selected by Mr. Adhika Adji Dharma:
-  U.S. Alteration Overdye Desert Camo Jacket
-  Caputo & Co Colorblock Hand-Stitched Bracelet
-  Sassafrass Strayer Stream Pants 
-  Deadstock Swedish Army Belt
-  Saltwater Cowboy Doodle BD Shirts
-  Drake's London for Nitty Gritty 20th Anniversary Knitted Hat
-  Master-piece Equipment Key Holder 
-  Visvim - Grizzly-Mid-Folk
-  Nanamica Briefcase- Superga 1705 White Canvas Sneakers
-  Thom Browne Accordion Wallet
-  Carhartt Military Watch
-  Supreme Zippo
-  Kapital Pop Socks
Posted by: michaelkillian, September 25, 2012