Vinyl Val Doonican in Focus On (Pop)

IDR 200.000




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New and hasn't been worn.

Slightly used, excellent condition. No holes, stains, or repairs.

Worn from general wear. Could appear slightly faded or has minor flaw in an unobvious place. Still considered very wearable.

Appears worn and may have a combination of fading or displays a minor flaw.

Appears well worn and has striking visible flaws. Items is still considred wearable.


Tracklist :

Side One
1. Walk Tall
2. Elusive Butterfly
3. O'Rafferty's Motor Car
4. Are You Sincere?
5. Memories Are Made Of This
6. Sing Rainbow

Side Two
1. The Special Years
2. Impossible
3. Tell Me Soldier
4. That's How Much I Love You
5. Turn Around
6. I Sat Back And Let It Happen

Side Three
1. Delaney's Donkey
2. What Would I be
3. Paddy McGinty's Goat
4. A Quite Little Girl
5. Remember Me (I'm The One)
6. I Gave My Love A Cherry

Side Four
1. I'm Just A Country Boy
2. I'm Gonna Get There Somehow
3. Gentle Mary
4. I Still Love You
5. It Must Be You
6. The Agricultural Irish Girl